Engineers of Future

Short Description

         This competition is great for students who want to develop their imagination by exploring different worlds! In this competition, a house, car, farm or city will be built using a large number of construction wooden kits, and then students will create stories of the worlds they design.
          Participants can create a world by building large structures such as cities or farms, or prepare a farm to shelter animals and engage in productive activities such as growing plants and vegetables.
         In addition, students will be able to paint the city or town they created according to their taste in order to fully reveal their imaginations and dream worlds.
          Finally, after all the structures are built, the children will do an earthquake proofness test. Providing students with an excellent opportunity to learn the fundamentals of construction and engineering, this test is designed to determine the durability of structures.
         In this competition, participants will not only make imaginations real, but also learn from real-world experiences!


Team Line-Up: 2 students and 1 mentor

Age Limit: 6-8 (Age as on December 1, 2023 is considered.)

Registration: 15 october

Last upload date of reports: 20 October