Wings and Wheels

Short Description

              Wings & Wheels is an educational robot and drone competition designed to bring out the potential of every student. Through unique, advanced racing stages and smart features, it gives participants an in-depth understanding of programming, science, math, physics and many other fields. 

               Young people engaged in robot and drone programming learn to solve complex problems piecemeal by breaking them down into smaller and easier parts. At the same time, they understand the fundamentals of STEAM and apply their skills in competition while developing learning, self-confidence and teamwork skills along the way.


Team Line-Up: 2 students and 1 mentor

Age Limit: 13-15 (Age as on December 1, 2023 is considered.)

Registration: Ovtober 15

The registration limit for this category is 30 teams

Qualification Process: Will be announced after registration

Registration is full